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Research Aptitude MCQ for UGC NET JRF Paper-1

Research Aptitude MCQ for UGC NET Paper1, Research Aptitude MCQ in English, most important Research Aptitude MCQ for NET JRF SET Paper-1

Q. 1- A researcher is expected to-

(1) Study the literature available in a field

(2) Discover new rules and principles

(3) Coordinate the ideas made by others

(4) Evaluate the discovery made by others

Q. 2- A feature of research

(1) Repetition

(2) Generalization

(3) Utility

(4) Objectivity

Q. 3- The Government of India conducts census after every 10 years. Which method is used in this method?

(1) Individual Studies

(2) Developmental

(3) Survey

(4) Experimental

Q. 4- The members of an organization of teachers of a subject gathered for review of their work and for future planning. This type of action is called

(1) Conference

(2) Seminar

(3) Workshop

(4) Dialogue

Q. 5- A researcher studied the census data of a particular area and did writing work based on it. Would call this work- 

(1) Research paper

(2) Articles

(3) Thesis

(4) Research report

Q. 6- The spirit of action research is-

(1) Longitudinal research 

(2) Applied research

(3) A research which has been started for the solution of some urgent problem

(4) Research done with socio-economic objective

Q. 7- Research is-

(1) To search again and again

(2) Find a solution to a problem

(3) Working to find the truth about a problem in a scientific manner

(4) None of the above

Q. 8- In a common test in research (investigation) priority is given to-

(1) Credibility

(2) To experiment

(3) Objectivity

(4) All of these

Q. 9- Which of the following is the first step in starting the research process?

(1) Finding sources of information to determine the problem

(2) Survey of related literature

(3) Identifying the problem

(4) Find a solution to the problem

Q. 10- If a researcher does research with the intention that which managerial method will be more organizationally effective, then it will be an example of which research?

(1) Basic research

(2) Action Research

(3) Applied Research

(4) none of these

Q. 11- A canceled hypothesis is-

(1) When there is no difference between the two

(2) Be similar to the research hypothesis

(3) Be subjective in nature

(4) When there is a difference of opinion

Q. 12- What would be called the research, which discovers new facts through the study of the past?

(1) Philosophical research

(2) Historical research

(3) Mythic research

(4) Subject Analysis

Answers- Q. 1-(2), Q. 2-(1), Q. 3-(3), Q. 4-(4), Q. 5-(2), Q. 6-(3), Q. 7-(3),, Q. 8-(4),Q. 9- (3), Q. 10- (2), Q. 11- (3), Q. 12- (2) 

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