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Constipation Cause- Naturopathy Treatment for Constipation

 Constipation has become a common complaint in today's hectic lifestyle, but in elderly people this problem is more common and the problem of constipation affects seven out of every ten people. Constipation is a disease of the intestines due to which there is difficulty in defecation, Headache, restlessness, Lack of appetite, Nausea, Bad breath, Heaviness in the stomach, Mouth ulcers, insomnia and irritability. Cause of Constipation- This is mainly because of lack of good eating habits like: Absence of green vegetables in adequate quantity and fruits in the regular meals. This residue material is essential to form the ‘base’ of the stool. Sufficient quantity of water must be drunk to keep the stool soft as the bulk of the stool is due to its water quantity. Reasonable time should be given for passing stool. Most people, because of a fast life schedule, give very less time for proper defecation. People staying in crowded flats, where there is only one toilet for 5-10 persons, also a