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YOGA MCQ with Answers

 UGC NET YOGA: Previous Year Solved Paper

UGC NET YOGA- These Junior Research Fellowship & Assistant Professor Eligibility exam held on 2019. Download UGC NET YOGA Solved MCQ in English.

1. What is the purpose of Samkhya Shastra?

A. Klesha Nivaranam  B. Duiha Nivaranam

C. Avidya Nivaranam  D. Samsar Nivaranam

2. What is the meaning of the word yoga in the First sutra of Patanjala Yoga Sutra according to Vyas Bhashya?

A. Jivatma-Parmatma Yoga B. Karmashu Kaushalam

C. Samadhi D. Moksha

3. What are the Purushartha Chatushtayas? Select the correct combination:

A. Artha, Moksha, Dharma, Samsara

B. Moksha, Jiva, Karma, Siddhi

C. Sadhana, Vidya, Samapatti, Abhyas

D. Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha

4. Who is the founder of Samkhya Darshan?

A. Vedvyasa     B. Patanjali

C. Kapil Muni   D. Atri

5. Which technique is mention for Brahma Anubhuti in Bhriguvalli according to Taittiriya Upanishad?

A. Pranayam     B. Meditation

C. Tapa             D. Samadhi

6. Prana is compared from which in Prashn Upanishad?

A. Aditya    B. Moon (Chandra)

C. Prithvi    D. Water (Jala)

7. What is related to Paravidya in following?

A. Akshar Jnana      B. Rigveda Jnana

C. Yajurveda Jnana D. Nirukta Jnana

8. “Varna, Swara, Matra, Bala, Sama and Sandhi there are essence of Education” (SHIKSHA). This statement is to which upanishad?

A. Mandukya upanishad

B. Aitreya upanishad

C. Tattiriya upanishad

D. Brihadaaranyak upanishad

9. Aitraya Upanishad is related to which Veda?

A. Yajurveda B. Krishna Yajurveda

C. Rigveda D. Samaveda

10. Practices of “Manonigrah” is descnbed in Srimad Bhagvadgeeta:

A. Abhyasa and Tapa

B. Pranayama and Jnanayoga

C. Abhyasa and Vairagya

D. Tapa and Swadhyaya

11. As per yoga vashishth study of scriptures, contemplation, association with the enlightened beings and the knowledge of nonattachment is the stage of knowledge (gyan)

A. genesis of truth (satvapatti)

B. material consideration (padarthaabhavana)

C. reflection (vicharna)

D. non attachment (asangsakti)

12. As per yoga vashishth which of the following elements are the four gate keepers of salvation?

A. Serenity (sham), Stamina (Dham), temperance (Titiksha), intense desire for salvation

B. Stamina (Dham), Serenity (sham), complacence, discretionary instincts

C. Serenity (sham), thinking (Vicharna), complacence, association of saints

D. Association of saints, temperance (Titiksha), thinking, complacence

13. As per Trishikhibrahmanopnishad the very feelings of indifference is:

A. Meditation    B. Concentration

C. Asan              D. Pratyahar

14. As per yogatattvopnishad what is the prescribed time line for the adoption (Dharma) of Panchmahabhoots?

A. Three ghatikas   B. Two ghatikas

C. Five ghatikas      D. Four ghatikas

15. How many parts of Hathyoga are mentioned in the yogatattvopanishada?

A. Four parts       B. Six parts

C. Seven parts     D. Eight parts

16. According to Naadbindu Upanishad the yogic practice of naadshravan ought to be undertaken in which asana and mudra?

A. Bhadrasan and Shambhavi mudra

B. Simhasan and Vaishnavi mudra

C. Siddhasan and Vaishnavi mudra

D. Padmasana and Shambhavi mudra

17. As per Naadbindu upanishad what is the yogic technique to be aware of Omkar?

A. Pranayam

B. Concentration (Dhaarna)

C. Meditation

D. Samadhi

18. According to Maharshi Patanjali which of the following is meant for the execution of Bhoga and Apvarga?

A. Drashta       B. Drishya

C. Samyog       D. Ishwar

19. With which of the following enlightenment (Jnana) one is equipped by exercising restraint in Sopakrama and Nirupkrama Karma ?

A. Previous birth

B. Future and past

C. Death

D. Other's conscience (Parchitta)

20. According to Maharshi Patanjali slability and dissolution of chitta in Grahita, Grahan and Grahya is termed as:

A. Samprajat     B. Sabeej

C. Samapatti     D. Vivekkhyati

21. According to Maharshi Patanjali the form of which of the following rivals is realised in the ulumate stage of culmination?

A. Visualizations (Drishya)

B. Haan

C. Sequence

D. Realisation of the self

22. According to Maharshi Patanjali which one of the following is instrumental to the realisation of Ishtadevata?

A. Ishwar Pranidhan

B. Hanopay

C. Swadhyay

D. Samadhi

23. Choose the correct reference of “Tajjah samskaroanyasamskar pratibandhi" as per patanjali yogsutra:

A. Samadhipad/50

B. Vibhutipad/51

C. Sadhanpad/50

D. Kavalyapad/29

24. According to patanjal yogsutra the element of craving (Trishna) is invariably missing in the Gyanas of Prakriti is:

A. Apar vairagya        B. Par vairagya

C. Vashikar vairagya  D. Vairagya

25. Which chapter of Shiva Samhita deals with the procurement of food from “Stokam Stokmane Kadha” phenomenon?

A. First chapter    B. Second chapter

C. Third chapter   D. Fourth chapter

Answer- 1- (B), 2- (C), 3- (D), 4- (C), 5- (C), 6- (A), 7- (A), 8- (C), 9- (C), 10- (C), 11- (C), 12- (C), 13- (C), 14- (C), 15- (D), 16- (C), 17- (B), 18- (B), 19- (C), 20- (C), 21- (C), 22- (C), 23- (A), 24- (B), 25- (C)

UGC NET Yoga: Year 2017 Paper