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Hatha Yoga: Meaning and Definition

 Meaning of Hatha Yoga

Yoga has been an important means of attaining salvation in Indian thought. The ultimate goal of various traditions of yoga (Jnanayoga, Karmayoga, Bhaktiyoga, Hathayoga) etc. is also the attainment of salvation (samadhi). At present, through the means of Hatha Yoga, a person not only gets health benefits, but the person definitely gets its spiritual benefits as well.

 HathaYoga- From the name it appears that this action is going to be done stubbornly. But it is not, if the action of hatha yoga is done under a proper guidance, then the seeker can easily do it. On the contrary, if a person does it without guidance, then opposite results of this sadhna are also visible. In fact, it is true that the activities of hatha yoga can be called difficult. Continuity and firmness are essential for performing the activities of hatha yoga. In the beginning, the seeker is not ready after seeing the practice of Hatha Yoga, so only a tolerant, hardworking and ascetic person can do this practice.

In Sanskrit semantics, the word hatha (हठ) is divided into two syllables. (H + Tha) (ह + ठ)

H (ह)- it means "Hakaar" or Sun

Th (ठ) - it means "Thakar" or Moon

Hakaar - means the Sun (right nostril) and Thakar means the Moon (left nostril). 

 That is, the meaning of HathaYoga is the meeting of these two rivers, Hakar and Thakar right nostril and left nostril (Sun and Moon).

Definition of Hatha Yoga

In Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Swami Swatmaram, while defining Hatha Yoga, has said that - Freedom (Salvation) can be achieved through Hatha Yoga.

Just as a opens a door with a key, in the same way a yogi breaks the door of Kundalini (slowly) to the opens door of salvation.

According to the Siddha Siddhanta Compendium:- The yoga of Haakar (Sun) and Thakar (Chandra) channels is called Hatha Yoga.

In Yogashikhopanishad also, considering Hakar as Sun and Thakar as Moon, the combination of Sun and Moon has been called Hatha Yoga.

While giving the definition of Yoga in Yogashikhopanishad, it has been said that Yoga is the union of Apana and Prana, Raja and Retas, Surya and Chandra and Jivatma and Parmatma. This definition also reveals the condition of union of sun and moon in hatha yoga.

The meaning of 'H' is taken from Surya Swar or Right Swar or Pingala or Yamuna and 'Th' means Chandra Swar or Left Swar or Ida or Ganga. With the combination of both, Agniswar or Madhya Swar or Sushumna or Saraswati Swar runs. Due to which the transmission of Prana starts in the Brahmanadi. Kundalini Shakti is located in its dormant state near the lower end of this Brahmanadi.

When the seeker does Pranayama, the dormant Kundalini awakens due to the shock of the Prana and moves in the Brahmanadi. Due to which many specialties come in the seeker.

This process is the main one in this yoga method. That's why it is called hatha yoga. This method is becoming most popular today due to the practice of Asana, Pranayama, Shatkarma, Mudra etc.