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Teaching Aptitude MCQ for UGC NET SET Paper-1

Teaching Aptitude MCQ for UGC NET JRF Paper-1, UGC NET JRF SET Paper-1 Teaching Aptitude MCQ in English, Teaching Aptitude MCQ with Answers, UGC NET  SET Paper-1 Teaching Aptitude MCQ

Q- 1- Micro teaching is more effective-

(1) During the preparation of teaching

(2) During teaching-practice

(3) After teaching-practice

(4) Every time

Q- 2- Which qualities do most likes in the student teacher?

(1) Idealistic philosophy

(2) Objective comprehension style 

(3) Discipline

(4) Entertainment

Q- 3- One is challenging for a teacher-

(1) Prepare students to homework

(2) Enjoy the process of learning and learning

(3) Maintaining discipline in class

(4) Prepare questions

Q- 4- Price-teaching means-

(1) Healthy Student

(2) Prepare the student to get a job

(3) Developing properties

(4) Multidimensional development of personality

Q- 5- When a normal student behave uncontrolled in class

(1) Put the student at the same place, at the same time 

(2) Will talk to the student outside the classroom 

(3) Ask the student to leave the class 

(4) Will ignore the student

Q- 6- The teacher has been honored with the expression of friends, philosophical and guidance, this is due to-

(1) He has to play an important role in society

(2) He transfers the great values of humanity to the students

(3) He is a great social reformer

(4) He is a great patriot

Q- 7- The biggest reason for teacher failure is-

(1) Impersonal relationship

(2) Insufficient control over the subject

(3) Linguistic proficiency

(4) Behavior of harshness towards students

Q- 8- By which of the following can a teacher establish harmony with his students?

(1) Authorized scholar of the subject

(2) By influencing the students with their knowledge and skills

(3) Playing the role of a guide

(4) By making friends of students

Q- 9- Education is a powerful tool of which of the following?

(1) Of social transformation

(2) Of personal transformation

(3) Cultural transformation

(4) All of the above

Q- 10- Verbal instructions less effective in learning what?

(1) Trend

(2) Skill

(3) Attitude

(4) Relationship

Q- 11- The most suitable objective of learning is-

(1) Personal adjustment

(2) Behavior modification

(3) Social and political consciousness

(4) To prepare oneself for employment

Q- 12- The teacher uses visual aids to make teaching-

(1) Simple

(2) For more knowledge

(3) To reduce the time

(4) To make interesting

Q- 13- Maximum participation of students is possible in-

(1) By discussion method

(2) By lecture method

(3) By audio-visual means

(4) By text-book method

Q- 14- The aim of the role of teacher in higher education is-

(1) Providing information to students

(2) To encourage self-study among students

(3) To increase the competition among the students

(4) Helping students to solve their personal problems

Q- 15- Which teacher with the following qualities do you like best?

(1) Subjective and Punctual

(2) Inclined towards research

(3) Popular and idealistic philosophy

(4) One who usually entertains the students

Q- 16- The students who keep asking questions in class-

(1) They should be encouraged to seek answers independently

(2) Should be advised to meet the teacher after class

(3) They should always be encouraged to keep asking questions

(4) Should be advised not to interrupt the lecture

Answers- Q.1- (2) , Q. 2- (2), Q. 3- (2),Q. 4- (4), Q. 5- (2) , Q. 6- (2), Q. 7- (2), Q. 8- (2), Q. 9- (4), Q. 10- (3), Q. 11- (3), Q. 12- (4), Q. 13- (1), Q. 14- (2),  Q. 15- (1), Q. 16- (3)